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Over one billion smartphones now support Augmented Reality. And the new technology, which displays digital information over real-world environments, is predicted to be the main driver of the $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s also expected to fundamentally change the way consumers shop. Promising deeper engagement and higher sales, Augmented Reality retail solutions are already being used by forward-thinking brands to delight their customers, drive sales, and maximize ROI.

At Subvrsive, we’ve been lucky to work alongside some of these retailers and brands to develop Augmented Reality solutions that drive results. From tools that help with employee training and store planning to apps that delight customers and increase basket sizes, our Augmented Reality tools help our clients maximize efficiency and sell more.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of Augmented Reality for retail, take a look at a few of the solutions we’ve created below. Or, if you’d like to speak to an expert about a specific project, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Plan point-of-sale layouts in AR with the swipe of a finger.

StoreViz is an Augmented Reality app that lets brands and retailers visualize store layouts and preview how new products, planograms, and displays will look in any environment. Our team can work with existing digital assets or build a completely custom library of virtually rendered objects – from individual products to entire end caps –that retail teams can place on store shelves and floors using AR.

Keep consumers engaged beyond the walls of the store.

Living Label is an Augmented Reality solution that brings posters, packaging, print ads, and in-store surfaces to life with AR video. Brands and retailers can attach AR coupons that users can collect and add directly to payment platforms like Apple Wallet. Living Label can be delivered in new and existing applications, or even in mobile browsers.

Showcase your products in Augmented Reality. No app required. is an AR tool that makes it easy and affordable for brands to publish and share Augmented Reality experiences. No app required. For online retailers, provides an innovative new way to share entire product catalogs in AR. With the tap of a link, online shoppers interact with products and preview how they’ll look in their own homes and spaces – accurately and to scale – through the screen of their mobile device. And for brands selling products through brick and mortar retail, makes it simple to transform in-store signage and physical products that sit on store shelves into AR screens that – when viewed through the lens of a mobile phone – spring to life with the sight, sound, and motion of video.

Delight customers and increase basket size with in-store AR tools.

Shopper Companion is an AR solution our team created in partnership with Barrows that displays product information over the very store shelves consumers are looking at. With Shopper Companion, users can browse product reviews and recommendations, filter products by price and product type, and find and redeem ads and coupons all in AR.

Overcome to the space limitations of a traditional store shelf.

Endless Aisle is an AR application that automatically recognizes products on physical store shelves and overlays additional in-category product choices that shoppers can instantly order from the retailer’s online store. Endless Aisle can be added to existing apps to run on shoppers’ mobile phones or deployed as a tablet installation on store shelves.

“At some point, we’re going to look back and think, how did we not have a digital layer on the physical world.”

– Greg Jones, Director of VR and AR, Google @ Shoptalk Europe

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