You Can Now Create 3D Swirl Ads for Google Display and Video 360
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You Can Now Create 3D Swirl Ads for Google Display and Video 360

Last year, Google announced the beta launch of a new ad format called Swirl. Now, Google is making Swirl ads available to all Display and Video 360 customers around the world.

Not familiar with the immersive ad format? Fear not. We’ve pulled together a quick overview below.

What are Swirl ads?

Swirl ads bring the in-person shopping experience to users' mobile devices by letting them rotate ad creative and explore it from all sides. Whereas a standard ad might show off a new sneaker with a 2D photo or video, a Swirl ad could leverage a photorealistic 3D model, allowing users to rotate the shoe to admire it from every angle, zoom in on the laces and sole, and interact with different features.

What are they good for?

Swirl ads are a great option for brands advertising products like clothes, accessories, cars, and anything that benefits from a hands-on shopping experience. And according to a recent blog post by Google, they're driving impressive results for the brands that use them well:"Brands are seeing great success using Swirl ads for various campaign goals. This includes increasing consideration by showcasing product features, building brand awareness, and delivering a great mobile experience."

A few more details:

  • Swirl ads are available in three sizes: 300 x 250, 300 x 600, and 336 x 280
  • Fullscreen expansion is available as an option
  • Available reporting metrics include impressions, engagement, full-screen, clickthrough rate, and interaction time

Getting Started

If you’re interested in testing Swirl ads for your business, but need assistance creating photorealistic 3D assets, our team can help.Just contact us by clicking the button below, let us know what you’d like to create, and we’ll reach right out.

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