Apple Vision Pro: Our Team's Thoughts


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Subvrsive Team
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Apple Vision Pro: Our Team's Thoughts

This week, Apple announced their all-new Apple Vision Pro AR headset, ushering in the era of spatial computing. Unsurprisingly, our team is bullish. Here's a roundup of insights and thoughts from across the Subvrsive studio.

Anthony Burke, CEO

"The Apple Vision Pro is set to redefine our AR experiences and pave the way for a future growth in the space of Spatial Computing."

Austin Mace, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

"Today Apple is doing what only Apple can do- making spatial reality mainstream, finally."

Max Bolotov, Director of Innovation Solutions

"Welcome to the new age of spatial computing, folks. Apple has finally announced Apple Vision Pro, showing its big ambition to replace your desktop computer."

Paul Sowada, Director of Business Development

"Now that Vision Pro is officially here, Spatial computing holds the potential to revolutionize how we interact with computers and digital information."

Pompidou Nsangou, UX Lead

"I have been actively exploring the practical applications of AR/VR in the real world for the past 5 years. This unveiling of the Vision Pro has reignited my excitement for the future of VR and human-computer interaction."

Shep Bryan, Strategic Growth Lead

"Can you imagine a world where the digital and physical layers are seamlessly integrated?⚡️This is the promise of Spatial Computing - a suite of technologies (mixed reality, machine learning, computer vision, and more) that are merging these realms in ways we can only begin to imagine."