Expanding Our Team with Upstart13


Subvrsive Team

Subvrsive Team

Expanding Our Team with Upstart13

Subvrsive exists to help brands and agencies strategize, build, and innovate in the metaverse and beyond. While that hasn’t changed since we hit the ground running in 2015, the technologies we implement most certainly have. 

As an innovation studio, we are, by nature, constantly evolving, and we know that what we do today is probably not what we will do tomorrow. 

We’d have it no other way. 

But, with all that excitement comes a set of demands unique to our space. We require the best talent in the emerging tech industry that is comfortable working in uncharted territory. We require the ability to rapidly scale our team to meet aggressive (and oftentimes unforeseen) deadlines on behalf of our clients. And we need to ensure we’re always setting aside the time and resources necessary to invest in research and fuel our own passion projects that will help to drive our industry forward. 

In other words, our ability to continually expand our team, our skills, and our offerings is what’s at the heart of our ability to prosper in an industry built on shifting tectonic plates.

To that end, this year we sought out to expand our talent market in order to accelerate progress on some of our latest initiatives. So in March, we kicked off a partnership with Upstart13, an Austin-based software development company with a mission to “bring down borders in technology for people everywhere”. Since then, Upstart13 has helped us supplement our US-based team with world-class talent from Latin America in order to create a near shore staffing solution for the work we love to do.

“Working with Upstart13 has been like working with a direct extension of our onshore engineering team. Upstart was able to assign a full-time XR Lead engineer that has become an essential and integrated part of our Subvrsive team, along with several other experienced XR engineers. The quality of talent they continually find is incredible.” Anthony Laurain, VP of Engineering, Subvrsive 

At Subvrsive, we’ve always known that our greatest strength is the caliber of our team, and we’ve been lucky to attract and retain some of the best talent in the industry. Upstart13 has been able to help us expand our bandwidth by connecting us with the outstanding talent that has become synonymous with Subvrsive and we look forward to what our continued partnership will bring.