Subvrsive Is Now an Official 8th Wall Partner


Subvrsive Team

Subvrsive Team

Subvrsive Is Now an Official 8th Wall Partner

We are excited to announce that Subvrsive is an official 8th Wall Partner! By joining the 8th Wall Partner network, we are setting ourselves apart as proven experts in the strategic development of immersive WebAR experiences. Brands and agencies looking to connect with their audiences in new ways can now work directly with us to ideate, design, and develop a new caliber of imaginative, game-changing WebAR projects.

Becoming an 8th Wall Partner

8th Wall prides itself on creating highly accessible and interactive augmented reality experiences. Typically, AR encounters require users to either download an app or engage with AR content through existing platforms. 8th Wall technology removes the middle man hurdle to make robust AR encounters more accessible—no app required. Since its first full year in 2019, 8th Wall’s AR engine has powered over 2,000 projects for top brands, and as demand for WebAR continues to grow, 8th Wall’s technology will be key to seamlessly bridging the metaverse with the real world.

"One of the most exciting promises of WebAR is that it unlocks a version of the metaverse that is already available and accessible to billions of people—anyone carrying a smartphone is one step away from the metaverse," said Austin Mace, Subvrsive’s chief innovation officer. "Our designation as an 8th Wall Partner is going to enable us to develop and deliver bigger, better experiences for our clients by granting us early access to new technologies as 8th Wall’s capabilities continue to evolve."

Lightship VPS for Web Beta Program

8th Wall is now a part of Niantic, the software development group behind Pokémon Go, which introduced its cutting-edge visual positioning system (VPS) this past May. Lightship VPS enables developers to create persistent AR experiences tied to over 30,000 real-world physical locations with extraordinary precision. 8th Wall is bringing Lightship VPS to the web, enabling brands to get creative with geo-specific WebAR activations.

As an 8th Wall Partner, Subvrsive has been selected to participate in the Lightship VPS for Web private beta program. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be using the 8th Wall platform to put this new tech to the test and create some state-of-the-art location-based WebAR experiences.

"Lightship VPS is a technology poised to completely change the AR game," said Anthony Laurain, Subvrsive’s VP of engineering. "Imagine hosting a branded AR scavenger hunt tied to all of Las Vegas’s iconic landmarks during CES or bringing your company’s headquarters to life with an AR experience that animates the mural adorning the walls of the lobby. Being able to seamlessly tie digital content to real-world locations unlocks endless creative opportunities for brands. Most importantly, no app download is required."

Looking Ahead

We are incredibly excited about being an 8th Wall Partner. As an 8th Wall Partner, we look forward to taking full advantage of the latest and greatest WebAR technologies from 8th Wall, such as Lightship VPS for Web, to create game-changing immersive experiences on behalf of our clients and partners.

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A handful of our flagship projects using 8th Wall can be viewed on our 8th Wall Public Profile page at