The Metaverse In 9 Slides

The Metaverse In 9 Slides

If it wasn’t clear enough, the metaverse is here, and it's here to stay.

With key advances in better connectivity (5G, Fiber), decentralization (blockchain, NFTs, crypto), and higher fidelity experiences (AR, VR), the groundwork has been laid for the future of the web. And the arrival of the metaverse era will usher in the next wave of digital transformation, unlocking untold and unprecedented opportunity for brands and businesses in all industries. It will undoubtedly create millions of jobs, trillions in economic value, and produce tens of thousands of new companies.

If you're new to all things metaverse and are wondering what it even is and whether your brand or business should begin to explore it, I've captured my thoughts on the topic in a few quick slides.

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