Our company is based in Austin, TX

We help brands and storytellers create immersive experiences that deeply engage their audiences.

SubVRsive is a full-service VR company with offices in Austin and New York, laser-focused on creating impactful Virtual Reality experiences for our customers.

We live at the bleeding edge of VR technology and deploy custom camera and audio solutions tailored to each particular project’s requirements. We partner with renowned directors, producers, content creators, and developers at the forefront of the medium, and leverage proven collaboration models and workflow technology to successfully interact with our clients.

We deliver experiences of impact that drive results.

Our Culture

SubVRsive’s success is a function of the quality and happiness of our team.
The quality and happiness of our team is a function of the degree to which we succeed in making SubVRsive a great place to work.
Whether we are a great place to work depends on many things, but none more so than our company culture.

Our Leadership

Johannes Larcher

Chief Executive Officer

Austin Mace

Chief Creative Officer

Kenny Tomlin


Core Team

Ryan Thomas

VP of Content

Ty Root

VP of Production

Irina Shames

VP of Business Development

Ian Villamin

VP of Interactive Development

Chris Furgason

Director of Production

Gezim Drenova

Director of Finance & Operations

Fiona Hutcheson

Director of Marketing

Chris Blasko

Post Production Supervisor

CJ Roy

Post Production Manager

Laura Furgason

Team Administrator

Charles Mulford


Christian Selbrede

Gameplay Engineer

Jackson Alexander

VR Production Specialist

Nathan Woodburn

3D Artist

Our Investors

WPP  |   Johannes Larcher   |   Austin Mace   |   Kenny Tomlin

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