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Meet SubVRsive

We are passionate believers in the awesomeness of immersive storytelling.

We’ve been blown away by the power of Virtual Reality experiences that not only take us inside stories, but obliterate the distance between what is happening on screen and our own selves. We’ve felt the horror of standing inside a family home during a tornado. We’ve soared above the shores of Hawaii and seen the turquoise waters of the Pacific as if they were right in front of our eyes. And along the way, we’ve been touched and moved in ways no other medium has done before.

We have a deep conviction that VR and AR will change the world, and while we don’t know exactly how this transformation will play out, we are convinced that through hard work, creativity, and good judgment we will earn the right to occupy a spot at the very bleeding edge.

Our Core Values

With change the only constant in the industry we call home, our journey is not one for the faint of heart. We embrace that change and know that what we do today is probably not what we will do tomorrow. Yet we know that our culture, as expressed in these core values, won’t change and is at the heart of our ability to prosper in a world built on shifting tectonic plates.

1. Tell Captivating Stories

We are obsessed with telling stories that captivate and spellbind our audiences. Using every tool of the medium fit for the job, we aim to engage, amaze, surprise, challenge, and humor those watching.

2. Over Deliver

We believe in atypically high quality of the kind that drops jaws and blows minds. To achieve that, we sweat every pixel, every customer, every stitch line, and every single cell of our storyboards, and don’t call a project complete until we’re completely satisfied with the entire piece – from beginning to end.

3. Be Discerning

We are careful to always use the right tools for the job, and ask ourselves how each decision will help our story. We passionately dislike the prevalence of self-serving effects, the thoughtless use of technology, and the overuse of certain storytelling devices just as much as our viewers do, and we have the conviction to say no to clients and projects that threaten to take us down that path.

4. Embrace Challenges

Giving up is not in our playbook. When we can’t find a solution the first time around, we keep going until we find a path forward. And when there isn’t a path forward, we forge our own.

5. Build Tools

We love to tinker, so if the right tool for a job doesn’t exist, we build it ourselves. We were one of the first teams to build an ultra low-cost VR camera set using generic cameras and lenses on a Raspberry Pi platform, and we haven’t stopped building stuff that fits our needs (and budgets) since.

6. Have High Judgement and Good Focus

We know that the key to success is not just to have a hundred ideas, but the ability to apply good judgment and focus on those very few ideas that really matter. We work hard to do just that.

7. Be Flexible

We proudly turn on a dime when opportunity calls. We’ve fielded full production crews half way across the country in less than 24 hours, and take great pride in getting stuff done under even the most challenging circumstances.

8. Move Quickly

We understand that speed is of the essence, and that without a strong sense of urgency the world will leave us in its rear view mirror. Celebrating successes is a proud tradition at SubVRsive, but resting on laurels is not encouraged.

9. Judge Ideas, Not Titles

We believe in simple organizational structure and transparency. Good ideas can come from anywhere in the company, but hierarchy and lack of openness will consistently deprive such ideas from the proverbial oxygen and water needed to grow. We are committed to a way of working in which ideas will be judged based on their merit, and not on the experience or title of the person bringing it forward.

10. Spend Wisely

Every SubVRsive employee is a shareholder who will financially benefit from our success, should we be fortunate to achieve it. As such, we treat every dollar we spend as if it was our own, because really, it is.

11. Stay Humble

We take great pride in our humility. Our first office was a demolition slated former Carpenters Hall with leaky pipes and barely adequate AC. While our space has improved significantly since then, each one of us is still happy to clean up our own messes and take out the trash.

12. Keep Learning

We are keenly aware that we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas and great execution, and that we have a lot to learn from each other and the many talented individuals in our industry. We are glad to be a part of the VR family, and strive to contribute to and learn from this growing industry as it continues to evolve.

13. Have Fun

We know that what we do matters, but we also know that we aren’t curing cancer or reversing global warming. Thus, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and we work hard to keep things light.

Whether you already have a project in mind or are just starting to consider VR and how it may help you more deeply engage your audience, let's talk.