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Unity/Unreal Engineer

Austin, TX | Remote

Who We Are

Subvrsive is an immersive innovation studio focused on creating content, software, and experiences that transform businesses on a global scale. With deep roots in virtual and augmented reality, as well as cutting-edge products like StoreViz and, we use all types of emerging tech to solve complex problems in fresh new ways.

About the Job

Subvrsive is looking to add a seasoned game developer to our team.  The successful candidate will have several years of experience working with a commercially available or proprietary game framework such as Unity or Unreal, as well as a good working knowledge of the tools and languages that support it.

Specific skills that we are looking for include:

  • Several years working as a game engine or gameplay developer in Unity or Unreal or similar.
  • Excellent object-oriented programming skills in a language such as C#, C++ or Java.
  • Working knowledge of relevant data structures and algorithms (search and sort techniques, algorithmic complexity and similar).

Additional qualifications that we consider beneficial are:

  • Familiarity with Unreal’s Blueprint system.
  • A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Experience writing AR or VR applications.
  • Mobile application development experience.