StoreViz: Plan Store Layouts in Augmented Reality | Subvrsive

Plan store layouts in AR with the swipe of a finger.

Incredibly Accurate

Store Viz displays 3D models to exact scale, applies lighting, and anchors them to the store environment, creating true-to-life previews that look shockingly real.

Simple to Use

Using intuitive motions, like swiping and tapping, the StoreViz mobile app makes re-positioning, rotating, and swapping out 3D objects a breeze.

No Pricy Hardware

Store Viz works seamlessly with the hardware you already have. Users simply download the app to start using it on their own tablets and phones.

How it works

1. Create

If you have existing 3D models of your in-store displays, great! If not, reach out to our team and we’ll create true-to-life replicas that can be viewed to scale from every angle.

2. Publish

We’ll then upload your assets to a secure database and drop them into your own custom mobile app, which you can download from a private app store link.

3. Share

That’s it! Now you can plan store layouts in AR, capture and share screenshots with remote teams, and track and measure user engagement with StoreViz analytics.

StoreViz can be integrated seamlessly into your organization’s existing workflows, creating a frictionless user experience for your team.

With additional features, users can:

  • Compare different colors and configurations of displays in real time
  • Preview animated objects like digital signage and moving displays
  • Swap out individual SKUs on product shelves and displays (coming soon)
  • Add and remove team members based on your organization’s needs
  • Use StoreViz even in places without Wi-Fi

“Our test users are beyond excited! They really believe this app is key to preplanning, which will lead to huge time savings.”

– Stacy Jaffa, The Wonderful Company

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