Live Streaming aConcert for a Cause

Live streaming a
concert for a cause

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The joy of music

The Melodic Caring Project’s mission is to bring genuine love and compassion together with the healing properties of music and share them with children in need. And for over seven years, they’ve been doing just that. Partnering with artists like The Alabama Shakes and Jason Mraz, the Seattle-based organization has been streaming live concerts straight to hospital rooms all across the nation, allowing children battling serious illness to forget about their circumstances for an evening and just be kids.

When we were invited to join the Melodic Caring Project, Quantum Interface, and the Ericsson team at AT&T Foundry in using the magic of 360 Live Streaming to transport hospitalized kids to an Amos Lee concert, we couldn’t have been more excited.

An Evening with
Amos Lee
An Evening with
Amos Lee


An Evening with
Amos Lee

Wanting to take the experience to the next level, The Melodic Caring Project, Quantum Interface, and the Ericsson team at AT&T Foundry crafted a vision to live stream a concert in fully immersive 360 degrees. Thanks in large part to AT&T Foundry’s generous support and Amos Lee’s desire to get involved, that vision came to life in Austin’s famous Moody Theater.

On the night of the show, we set up cameras in two spots on stage and streamed the entire concert straight to the VR headsets of hospitalized children who wanted to join the fun. As they watched the concert, the kids were able to stand on stage with Amos Lee and the band, look out into an audience full of supportive faces, and leave the sights and sounds of the hospital behind to truly feel present at the show.

The power ofimmersion


The power of

It’s been said that VR is the ultimate empathy machine because it allows users to not just look through a frame, but step into it. Being able to let these kids step through the frame and be on stage with Amos was a really powerful thing and we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to leverage 360 live streaming for such a great cause. To see how the evening went for yourself, check out our behind the scenes video below. To learn more about The Melodic Caring Project, visit Interested in exploring 360 Video for your next event? Learn more about Subvrsive’s 360 Video Production services.

"One of our rockSTARS watching the show was Amos’s buddy, Maya. They met when Amos paid her a hospital visit in Seattle.

Maya lay on the couch in her hospital room, yet was front row at the show getting to hang out with her buddy Amos. He spoke directly to her and the other rockSTARS throughout the night and although he was miles away, they were all able to be right there at the show, no longer in the isolation of their hospital rooms."

- Evan Blackstone, VP, Melodic Caring