Transforming Amazon
Boxes with AR


Festive Brand

Every year, Amazon ships billions of boxes to customers all over the world. Carrying everything from pantry essentials to top-of-the-line tech, these boxes represent billions of opportunities to make a lasting brand impact.

To test out new ways to do just that, Subvrsive was invited to help Amazon explore the possibilities of interactive packaging. So recently, we’ve worked closely with Amazon to create several playful experiences that bring their iconic boxes to life, as well as the Amazon Augmented Reality App, which is key to unlocking the magic. The first experience was a pumpkin decorating activity with a spooktaculAR Halloween twist.


A SpooktaculAR Experience

Customers who received Amazon AR packages last Halloween season may have noticed a few new additions to the box: the outline of a pumpkin, a QR code, and an invitation to design their very own jack-o-lantern. Users could draw a face onto the pumpkin-shaped canvas and then, using the Amazon Augmented Reality app, scan the code to instantly bring their creation to life.

Bringing boxesto Life


Bringing Boxes
to Life

Product packaging is one of the most important—and often underutilized—spaces for sparking interest in a brand and fostering customer loyalty. By using augmented reality to enhance packaging, brands have an opportunity to create memorable experiences that actively engage their audiences. And because a smartphone is all that is needed to join the fun, it’s an excellent way to deliver an interactive experience without the need for expensive equipment.


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