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Introducing the Ryzen
Embedded V1000


Amplifying a product launch with the power of interactive VR.

About the project

For nearly 50 years, AMD has developed technology that powers devices for millions of consumers and leading Fortune 500 companies. Recently, the company unveiled a cutting-edge new processor called the Ryzen Embedded V1000. The processor delivers unprecedented levels of performance, integration, and security, enabling customers to reach new heights in processing performance and design versatility.

To drive excitement for the new processor among the press, AMD turned to Subvrsive to create an interactive VR experience. The vision was to show how the processor transforms computing in two of AMD’s key industries – manufacturing and aerospace. To meet this challenge, our team built a custom VR app designed for the Oculus Rift that uses both interactive VR and 360 Video to tell the story of the Ryzen Embedded V1000 in a profoundly compelling way.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The experience begins in a virtual lobby, where a voiceover introduces users to the processor’s key benefits. At the end of the introduction, users are prompted to choose how they’d like to proceed. To experience how Ryzen Embedded processors transform the manufacturing industry, users reach out and put on a virtual hard hat. This transports them to the floor of a manufacturing plant.

Or, to see firsthand how the processors push the envelope in the aerospace industry, users push down on a virtual throttle. This transports them to the cockpit of a commercial plane. In either case, users get to see outdated environments transformed into state-of-the-art facilities, featuring stunning graphical interfaces and enhanced security features all powered by the Ryzen Embedded processor.

Engineered for Immersion

To immerse users into the experience in a truly convincing way, our team of engineers and 3D artists brought the manufacturing floor and cockpit to life using true stereoscopic VR, creating a realistic sense of depth in both environments. This, coupled with a full 360-degree ambisonic soundscape and true-to-life V-Ray interactive lighting, created a sense of immersion that feels stunningly real.

Bringing it to the Press

The team at AMD shared this experience with press and customers at the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg, Germany. During the event, attendees were invited to put on an Oculus Rift headset, grasp two Touch controllers, and experience the power of the AMD Ryzen V1000 for themselves.

For a taste of what they saw, check out the video below.

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