Comcast SXSW 2015

Comcast SXSW Experience

SubVRsive created an immersive Comcast SXSW experience by capturing the spirit and energy of the conference.

All the energy of SXSWs. None of the Chaos.

When Comcast needed a way to share the South-by experience with some of the people on their team who were unable to attend, they reached out to us. The goal was simple: To capture the excitement and energy of South-By-Southwest along with some key areas where Comcast had a presence at the event to create an immersive SXSW experience that could be shared with Comcast employees around the globe.

Comcast SXSW 2105: at the show

The world’s bigest brands are leveraging VR to engage consumers

While walking around SXSW it was clear to see that virtual reality was everywhere. It was difficult to go anywhere without spotting a Samsung Gear VR headset or twelve. Furthermore, everywhere we saw VR headsets there was, without fail, a line of people eagerly waiting to demo whatever content they could strap to their face.

Brands are starting to realize how powerful VR is in attracting and engaging potential customers at events and online. Studies show that 360° video and virtual reality grab peoples attention and retain it longer than nearly any other form of advertising content

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