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360° VIDEO

The Imaginary World of Freshness


Taking a P&G ad campaign to new levels with 360° Video.

About the project

Our team at Subvrsive recently traveled to Hawaii to shoot a 360° Video experience (featured below) for Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Boosters. Procter & Gamble originally reached out to us through creative agency POSSIBLE because they wanted to create an interactive video campaign to promote Unstopables in a fun and fresh way.

The vision was to use the magic of 360° video to show how Unstopables’ luxurious scents can transport users from the laundry room to faraway places. So, partnering with POSSIBLE, we brought the client’s vision to life with a 360° experience that takes viewers on a journey from the inside of a washing machine straight to the stunning cliffsides and sprawling beaches of Hawaii.

How to watch

360 Video experiences like this are a great way for brands to engage their audiences – and there’s plenty of research to show that it works. 360 Video engages viewers much more deeply than traditional video and creates a sense of empathy that leads to action. To learn more about our 360 Video production services, and how immersive experiences can help tell your brand’s story in a captivating way, get in touch below.

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