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Agency: GTB | Brand: Ford


Reaching a New Generation of Shoppers on

Consumers don’t shop for cars the way they used to. Instead of heading to showrooms for test drives, today’s consumers turn to the internet. Wanting to better connect with shoppers in this digital age, Ford decided to implement new interactive experiences on that would enhance the car shopping experience online. Tasked with making this happen, creative agency GTB reached out to Subvrsive.

The Idea:

Reach a new generation of car shoppers by bringing the dealership experience straight to consumers on their own turf: the internet.

The Work:

Our team created a series of 360° vehicle tours and interactive VR showrooms that allow shoppers to experience Ford’s latest lineup of vehicles in a whole new way.

The Result:

An enhanced experience on that drove 88% of users onto deeper engagement and doubled the likelihood that they’d initiate key shopping research actions with Ford.


Putting Users in the Driver’s Seat (and the Back Seat Too)


The first project we completed with GTB was a 360 VR experience that allowed shoppers to engage with the 2019 Ford Expedition from anywhere, anytime. The interactive module, which lived on, placed users right inside of the popular SUV. Once inside, users could explore the vehicle from any seat and select hotspots to learn more about innovative features. The experience drove 88% of users onto deeper engagement and doubled the liklihood that they’d initiate key shopping research actions with Ford.


Enhancing the Experience for Ford’s 2020 Lineup


On the heels of the project’s success, we once again partnered with GTB to create similar 360 VR tours for the 2020 models of Ford’s most popular vehicles. To help the VR tours tell a fuller story, we took special care to make the view through the windows as much a part of the experience as the interiors themselves. We shot all the vehicles in a warehouse in Detroit, and then used the magic of the editing room to digitally place each one in an iconic outdoor setting that reflected its unique brand.

Naturally, we placed the Ford Mustang Convertible at the beach.


Bringing the Showroom to the Smartphone


In addition to creating individual vehicle tours, we also designed interactive VR vehicle showrooms. Inside these VR showrooms, users can view families of Ford vehicles in various outdoor settings and tap any vehicle to launch its 360 interior tour.

“Subvrsive just makes it easy. They know what they’re doing.

This isn’t their first rodeo.”

– Paul Kelley, Creative Director, GTB


A New Way to Shop for a Car

By 2020, millennials will be responsible for 40% of new car sales overall. And these tech-savvy, hyper-connected consumers want a way to research and experience vehicles outside of the dealership. By providing personalized, interactive experiences on that bring the showroom experience straight to the consumer, Ford is able to engage shoppers online in a brand new way long before they step foot inside a dealership.


Final Delivery

Create production plan, storyboards, and user journey in collaboration with GTB.

Stage, light, and shoot vehicle interiors and exterior scenes.

Marry interior and exterior footage to create seamless 360 experiences.

Review content with GTB using remote collaboration tools and edit sessions.

Deliver final 360 vehicle tours and VR showrooms to GTB for publishing on

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