Becoming your
favorite Flinstone

Brand: Post Consumer Brands
Partner: TikTok
Client: Barbarian
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Project Overview

#PEBBLESHead Challenge

To help bring the fun of limited edition Magic Fruity PEBBLES™ from Bedrock to TikTok, Subvrsive partnered with TikTok to create a Flinstones-themed Branded Effect for Barbarian and Post Consumer Brands. The effect invites users to grab a bowl and transform into their favorite Flinstones characters using the #PEBBLESHead hashtag.

Over 14.4M views for #PEBBLESHead on TikTok.

@gabby_murrayy #ad feeling the magic with these Magic Fruity Pebbles! 💜🥣 #PEBBLEShead ♬ original sound - Gabby Murray
@mahoganylox #ad I’m loving my Magic Fruity PEBBLES cereal! I’m definitely a #PEBBLEShead ♬ original sound - Mahogany 🔐
@tphills #ad cereal before the hoop session >>> #pebbleshead ♬ original sound - Trey Phills