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Preserving an Iconic Austin Landmark in VR

HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a three-story graffiti art park located in Downtown Austin that provides muralists, street artists, and anyone with a can of paint and a vision a place to display large-scale art pieces on an ever-evolving community canvas. Loved by locals and tourists alike, the gallery averages nearly 500 visitors per day and has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Artistic Destinations in Texas.

Due to the park’s ever-increasing popularity, the HOPE team recently revealed plans to move it from its historic downtown location to new, larger locale that will provide more wall space and improved accessibility to accommodate the gallery’s growing crowds.

At Subvrsive, we’re strong believers that Virtual and Augmented Reality are the most powerful tools in existence for digitally preserving historical sites. So, upon hearing the news of HOPE’s big move, our team decided to capture the park in its original location and preserve it in both Virtual and Augmented Reality so it can be enjoyed and explored for years to come by people all over the world.


Drone photography
Environment scanning
3D modeling
Unreal Engine

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Volumetric photogrammetry, as real as it gets. 

To accomplish the vision, our team used a combination of standard and drone photography to capture nearly 10,000 high-resolution digital images of the gallery at a variety of angles. Then, using advanced volumetric photogrammetry techniques, the images were used to create a 3D model of the park. Our 3D artists then got to work adding realistic textures and lifelike details – from gently swaying greenery to the entire Austin skyline – bringing the digital graffiti park to life in a truly convincing way.

A Virtual Reality Walkthrough

To truly capture the experience of visiting the original HOPE Gallery, we created the experience as a totally immersive Virtual Reality walkthrough. Wearing an Oculus or Vive VR headset, users can wander through the park; see detailed, close-up looks of the art; and enjoy the city views as if they were really there themselves.

An Augmented Reality Tabletop Model

In order to share the HOPE Outdoor Gallery with those who may not have a headset, we also created an Augmented Reality experience that allows users to view a miniature tabletop version of the park through the screens of their mobile devices.

To preview this experience for yourself, scan the code below with your phone and enjoy!

VR and AR for Preservation

Virtual and Augmented Reality offer the best possible ways to preserve historical and iconic locations like the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. And with advanced technologies like volumetric photogrammetry, interactive VR walkthroughs and AR models can be built with increasing detail and realism, resulting in truly captivating experiences that feel shockingly real.

The HOPE Gallery VR Experience is currently on display every Sunday at the Austin Central Library as part of their Technology Petting Zoo.

“I imagine the Subvrsive installation will leave many with a loss for words. The installation will give folks a chance to step back in time and experience the place where the magic began.”

-Miles Starkey, HOPE

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