Major Grizz - Life is Good Music Video Shoot

Major Grizz | Life Is Good (For the Fool) Official Music Video

SubVRsive provided end to end production for Major Grizz’s debut 360° music video for the first single off their upcoming album.

Not Your Fathers Music Video

When native Austin, Texas rockers Major Grizz wanted to do something different in anticipation of their upcoming single “Life is Good (For the Fool)”, they approached our team at SubVRsive to produce their first delve into 360° video and virtual reality. Alongside Director Bradley Montesi, we created one of the most fun and off-the-wall pieces we have ever had the pleasure of working on. Featuring a slew of hidden easter eggs and unexpected gags, the video serves up something new to the viewer each time they watch it, while providing each viewer with a slightly different experience.

On-Set Live Stitched Preview and Monitoring

One of the things that helped bring the artist’s creative vision to (virtual) reality was the use of one of our custom-built live-stitching rigs along with an Oculus headset to allow the crew to view the stitched 360° environments in real time during setup, lighting, and performance. These were critical tools in allowing our lead gaffer and director to visualize, in real time, what the end product would look like. This real-time visualization and headset preview allowed everyone on set to better understand how to light, block, and direct the talent to create the best possible immersive experience for the end-viewer.

Major Grizz On-Set Preview

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