Scream Queens: A Marc Jacobs Fabric Brought to Life

When the Marc Jacobs brand was preparing to debut their Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear line during New York Fashion Week, they wanted to bring the experience to the next level with VR. The entire collection – featuring feathers and sequins and letterman’s jackets and sailor suits – had the bright, fun feel of a rave. And one fabric, in particular, turned up the volume to 10. Scream Queens, as the pattern was called, was just as loud and attention-grabbing as the name suggests. A dizzying tapestry of screaming Hollywood actresses in colors as bright as a bubblegum machine. The new pattern was sure to make a splash at the show, but to ensure that the playful spirit of the fabric was experienced to the fullest, the Marc Jacobs team asked us to bring it to life with 360 Video. The plan was to hand out Google Cardboard headsets to show attendees and let them experience Scream Queens in immersive 360°.

Excited to take on the challenge of giving the fabric new life, our team got to work and designed a 360 video chock full of the famous faces from the pattern. We animated them all with movements of their own – some opening and closing their mouths, some wearing sunglasses that spun around on their faces like tops, and others flying across the screen like multicolored asteroids. Amidst all the chaos, we hid gems like kissing drama masks, bags of popcorn, and movie tickets; and finished it off with a cacophonous soundtrack of rattling rhythms punctuated by shrill screams. The end result was nothing if not loud.

In the end, we were excited to have captured the spirit of the Spring collection in the video, and to have played a part in one of the most talked about shows at New York Fashion Week.

To experience Scream Queens for yourself, download the free Marc Jacobs VR app through the Apple App Store.

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