Introducing SubvrsiveLand on Roblox

Project Overview

Showcasing the Possibilities of Roblox

At Subvrsive, we're big fans of Roblox. We recognize that for brands, Roblox represents an emerging opportunity to create authentic connections and build communities, especially with younger audiences.

To showcase a few of the ways brands can leverage the platform, we created a Roblox experience of our own! Introducing: SubvrsiveLand on Roblox.

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About the Experience

Learning, Gamified.

We talk to a lot of our clients about the brand opportunities on Roblox. But if anything beats talking, it's playing. So, with the help of our 2022 Subvrsive summer interns, we built an entire game dedicated to showing our clients what Roblox is all about.

Consisting of several virtual islands, each with their own quests and challenges, SubvrsiveLand on Roblox is packed with inspiration for brands hoping to make a splash on the platform. For each quest completed, players earn tools like Anti Cringe Spray and Relevancy Shades to help them advance through the game and learn more about what it takes to create compelling experiences on Roblox.

"The convergence of gaming and social media platforms into seamless experiences represents a massive opportunity for brands. Subvrsive Land is the perfect way for our partners to explore the possibilities of gamified metaverse experiences and get their creative gears turning!"

- Austin Mace, Chief Innovation Officer, Subvrsive


A New Way to Engage Audiences

With over 54 million people using Roblox every day, it's one of the most-played games on the market, and is quickly catching up with established social media platforms. As the platform continues to grow in popularity, one thing is for certain: brands hoping to forge relationships with the next generation of consumers should not overlook the metaverse gaming space.

Looking to learn more? Check out SubvrsiveLand on Roblox for yourself and if you'd like to chat with our team, reach out here.