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Brand: US Foods


Equipping the US Foods® Team with a Better Way to Sell


US Foods is one of America’s leading food distributors. From top-quality steaks and freshly caught seafood to decadent desserts and premium coffees and teas, US Foods provides approximately 250,000 restaurants and foodservice operators with the quality ingredients they need to ensure their businesses thrive. Wanting to equip their sales teams with a better way to tell their brand story, US Foods reached out to Subvrsive.

The Idea:

Leverage immersive technology to create a highly engaging sales effectiveness solution for US Foods that is usable at scale in a variety of contexts.

The Work:

We created two immersive experiences that give an inside view of their beef’s journey from farm to table and their seafood’s journey from fish to fillet.

The Result:

Two 360 experiences housed in a custom app that makes it easy for US Foods sales associates to share their brand story at meetings and tradeshows in a truly captivating way.


The Stock Yards® Beef Story


Our mission was to create an immersive experience that would give an inside view of their Stock Yards® beef’s journey from farm to table, showing the care taken each step of the way to maintain US Foods’ incredibly high levels of quality control. So, to bring the vision to life, we used the power of 360 video to take viewers from the wide-open fields of Kansas to the skilled hands of expert butchers in Chicago to the plates of happy diners at Bob’s Steak & Chop House in Austin, TX. The experience begins on a sprawling ranch in Morris County, Kansas where some of Stock Yards cattle are raised.



Taking the Show on the Road


As with any 360 experience, a critical part of this project’s success was dependent on simplified distribution. The team at US Foods wanted to be able to share this experience in the most captivating way possible: with VR headsets. So, we created custom VR presentation kits that contained everything they needed to take the experience on the road: Samsung Gear VR headsets, premium headphones, and phones pre-loaded with the Stock Yards 360 experience. Also included was a master controller that would allow the presenter to sync up all of the headsets to play the experience to multiple viewers simultaneously.

For their Food Fanatics Live® culinary expos, US Foods built an eye-catching presentation canopy in which they showcased the video on Samsung Gear headsets. Their team said the entire experience was a smash hit.


The Harbor Banks® Seafood Story


Wanting to build upon the success of the Stock Yards 360 experience, US Foods reached out to us again to tell another chapter of the US Foods story, this time focusing on their Harbor Banks brand of sustainable seafood. This experience used the same immersive storytelling techniques to show the entire fish to fillet story, including stunning footage of the Alaskan coast, a fish farm in Iceland, and a state-of-the-art processing facility in Boston.



Telling the US Foods Sustainable Fishing Story in 360 Degrees