Sharing VR at the Austin Public Library Kid’s Block Party


Last weekend, our team helped out at the Austin Public Library’s inaugural Kid’s Block Party, the city’s first festival celebrating children, literacy, and learning through play. With tons of free activities – from music and dancing to yoga and scavenger hunts – the event brought thousands of Austin families out to dance, sing, create, play and learn.

At Subvrsive, we’re big believers in VR’s ability to teach through play, so we were delighted to introduce some of Austin’s youngest residents to a few of our favorite VR games. At our booth, we had two VR stations running Fruit Ninja VR and Beat Saber. The Beat Saber station also had a spectator camera setup with a green screen so everyone in the room could experience the game through the eyes of the player.

The day was tons of fun and we’re looking forward to checking it out again next year.

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