Anheuser-Busch And Subvrsive Live Stream Thomas Rhett Concert in 360°

360 Video

On October 20th, 2015, Subvrsive and Anheuser-Busch partnered to provide a Virtual Reality live stream of a Thomas Rhett concert in 360°. Anheuser-Busch wanted to give concert-goers a fresh perspective on the live music experience using cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology. A first in country music, Subvrsive’s live streaming capabilities gave fans a chance to experience what it would be like to be on stage with one of their favorite artists during a performance.

An array of purpose-built Virtual Reality camera rigs captured and streamed the experience in real-time to a VIP area of the venue through a pair of Oculus VR headsets. The viewing area gave users the ability to “teleport” on stage to experience some of their favorite songs from center stage and pick up on key details of the artist’s performance that may otherwise have been missed. Multiple Virtual Reality camera arrays allowed users to experience the performance from different perspectives throughout the evening, providing a unique way to watch the show.

“The implications of this technology for the music industry at-large are massive. This is just the beginning,” said Austin Mace, Co-Founder, Subvrsive. “For artists, it means providing fans with the ability to experience immersive performances from the best perspectives possible. It also means being able to play every town with an Internet connection, regardless of whether it’s a tour stop or not.”

A leader in live-action Virtual Reality capture, Subvrsive’s technology allows for sports, concerts, and other live events to be captured like never before.  Subvrsive is leading the way by providing one-of-a-kind Virtual Reality experiences for brands, agencies, and customers. These experiences can be deployed to all Virtual Reality devices as well as to existing social media networks, like YouTube and Facebook, as spherical 360° video.

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