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Virtual Events & Digital Experiences

Virtual Events + Digital Experiences

Virtual Events + Digital Experiences

Bring Live Events into the Digital Realm

Many brands are looking to supplement their event strategies with digital experiences.

The good news is, people attend events for a lot more than swag. Whether they go for the networking, the hands-on interaction with new products, for education, or just for good old-fashioned fun, there are countless ways to meet your audience’s needs – as well as your marketing objectives – digitally.

Build a Custom Digital Experience

A virtual event doesn’t have to mean expensive VR headsets and 3D avatars. From simple live-streams and pre-programmed content to fully-fledged interactive experiences with all the bells and whistles, there are endless ways for brands to bring in-person events into the digital realm.

Here are just a few of the components that can be mixed and matched to build a custom digital experience. They can stand alone or be packaged up together in a custom microsite or mobile app to be shared on social, in email campaigns, and wherever your audience spends their time online.

Put Your Event Content to Work Online


If you’ve created content for an in-person event, showcase it online in one convenient place. Videos of all your best speakers, pre-recorded interviews, event-specific AR lenses and filters – whatever it is you have that your audience wants.

Level Up: Is your brand a playful one? Create a 360 virtual room with interactive hotspots to make discovering the content part of the fun.

Spread the News Live


Have a special announcement or new product to roll out? Don’t limit your audience to a specific event. Host a live stream and invite everyone to tune in. The event can include keynotes, announcements, interviews, Q&A sessions – whatever fits the bill.

Level Up: Make it a two-way conversation and invite viewers to chime in with questions and comments of their own.

Let Your Audience Go Hands-On


Amplify your product launch by bringing it online with augmented reality. Let consumers virtually try on products like accessories and makeup, and preview how new furniture, artwork, and appliances will look in their own homes and spaces in AR.

Level Up: Give users the ability to customize the product’s color, size, and style in AR. Even better – add a button so they can purchase their favorite configuration on the spot.

Create a Digital Community


One of the biggest benefits to in-person events is the networking. If you’re hosting a digital event, create a space online that encourages attendees to interact. From text-based threads and groups to video networking spaces, there are plenty of ways to spark conversation.

Level Up: If your digital event is a large one, consider creating smaller, focused break-out groups where attendees can interact on a more intimate scale.

Offer Flexible Training and Education Options


When it comes to in-person training, it can be tough to coordinate travel and schedules. Offering training materials – like videos, webinars, and interactive training modules – online lets users access content wherever and whenever they want, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Level Up: Consider AR and VR training. Most studies on the topic suggest that AR and VR training helps users learn faster and retain knowledge longer than traditional methods.

Go All In with a Virtual Reality Event


To completely immerse your audience in a digital event, host it in VR. Create computer-generated meeting spaces and invite everyone with headsets to choose an avatar and join in.

Level Up: Make sure users without their own headsets are still able to attend by providing a PC or mobile-friendly version of the event.

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