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Hey, SXSWers – it’ PanelPicker time! We’ve submitted five panels for next year’s show featuring some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people around. So, if you’d like to talk Virtual and Augmented Reality next March, be sure to cast a vote for our PanelPicker submissions. Don’t be shy – you can vote for all five!

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the show!

Falling Flat: Can VR be Funny?


Because of its immersive nature, the VR industry has put a huge focus on empathy. We’ve seen countless examples of how VR can stir up our emotions and make us feel. But can it make us laugh? In this panel, we’ll take a look at immersive experiences that tickle our funny bone, discuss what hurdles VR content faces when it comes to conjuring up laughter, and explore what the future of comedy in VR could look like. In short, we’ll discuss whether VR has the power to truly make us laugh out loud.

  • Cy Wise, Owlchemy Labs
  • Mike Drucker, Writer & Comedian
  • Noah Heller, Hulu
  • Johannes Larcher, Subvrsive


The World is a Stage: Concerts in VR


When it comes to live music, VR is a game changer. In 2016, Coachella shipped Google Cardboard headsets to festival goers to augment their festival experience, and ACL live-streamed some of its top artists in 360 degrees so fans from all over the world could experience the shows from home. In this panel, we’ll speak with VR and music industry experts from Austin City Limits and Google to learn what makes a truly great VR music experience and what we can expect down the road.

  • Neil Parris, Google
  • Tom Gimbel, Austin City Limits
  • Irina Shames, Subvrsive


Selling Out: Going from Games to VR/AR Software


Ty Root and Ian Villamin have a combined 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. Ty’s background is in gaming media, while Ian comes from development. They’ve both recently made the transition out of games into Virtual Reality and want to share their experience with you. In this session, they’ll discuss the differences and similarities in the development process and pipeline, project management, timeline, work culture, and client relationships.

  • Ty Root, Subvrsive
  • Ian Villamin, Subvrsive


Field Tripping: The Future of Learning & VR


From VR lecture halls that let students attend class and interact with peers remotely to Google Expeditions that take students safely and affordably on virtual field trips all over the world, VR is changing the face of education as we know it. In this panel, we’ll speak with leaders in the VR industry to learn about how this technology is currently being used in education, discover the opportunities and limitations of VR for education, as well as what the future of this exciting new space holds.

  • Sarah Hill, StoryUP
  • Wayne Miller, VR Producer & Director
  • Brian Bolinger, Texas State Historical Association
  • Austin Mace, Subvrsive


Reality Check: Does VR/AR Marketing Work?


Brands and agencies from many industries are dipping their toes into the pools of VR and AR. So what do they make of it all? In this panel, we’ll speak with experts from some of the world’s leading brands and agencies to learn how they’re leveraging the power of VR and AR to connect with their audiences. We’ll dive deep into what they’ve seen work, what they’ve seen fail, how to measure success, and whether or not VR and AR for marketing are here to stay.

  • Cary Tilds, GroupM
  • Bennett McCarroll, Townhouse
  • Johannes Larcher, Subvrsive

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