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360 Video

We’ve created our fair share of 360 experiences for brands and agencies, and one of the most common questions we hear is, “How will our audience see this video?” Fair question.

While one of the most broad-reaching and popular places to share 360 videos is on Facebook, the social network is just one of many venues brands can use to showcase their immersive content. From a quickly growing list of social networks and websites to display advertising to live events, there are more ways than ever to share 360 experiences. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways Subvrsive can help brands and agencies deploy their 360 content.

Direct-to-Consumer (Social)

Social networks like Facebook and YouTube offer incredibly broad reach for 360 videos, and as interest in the medium grows, more social networks are climbing aboard. In the past few months alone, Twitter introduced 360-degree live streams through Periscope and Vimeo announced full support for 360 content, joining websites like Hulu, Samsung, Littlstar, and more.

We have worked with SHOWTIME Boxing to produce a number of 360 experiences that have been very well received on Facebook and YouTube. When the network shared one of those videos – a knockout fight between Deontay Wilder and Artur Szpilka – on their social channels, the video received nearly 3M views and was shared on Facebook over 20K times.

Programmatic Ad Buys

For brands wanting to drive even more awareness around a campaign, programmatic 360 ad buys are an excellent option. These video ads use subtle movement to attract consumer attention and, once clicked, open a custom app to play a video in 360 degrees. Subvrsive can create shortened cuts of any 360 experience to be used in this arena.

Compared to traditional display advertising, 360 ads are impressively effective. Hong Kong Airlines, for example, worked with ad-tech company Kiosked to launch a 360 ad campaign that delivered results 35 times more effective and viewing lengths nine times greater than traditional display ads.

Live Event Activations

Beyond online placements, 360 Video can add excitement to tradeshows and live events by offering visitors the chance to step through the frame and into a brand story – distraction-free.

We recently created an experience for US Foods that told their brand’s farm-to-table story in 360 degrees. For their Food Fanatics Live™ culinary expos, they built an eye-catching presentation canopy in which they showcased the video on Samsung Gear headsets. The team at US Foods said the entire experience was a smash hit.

In-Person Demonstrations

For brands like US Foods that want to showcase their interactive experiences at live events, we create custom VR presentation kits that contain VR headsets, premium headphones, and phones pre-loaded with their interactive experiences. Also included are master controllers that allow presenters to sync up all of the headsets to share the view with multiple users simultaneously. Turnkey VR presentation kits like these are a great way for brands to share immersive experiences with clients and customers at tradeshows, events, and meetings.

While we’re just scratching the surface of what immersive content can do for brands, 360 videos have already proven themselves to be an effective way to captivate audiences. And thanks to the many deployment options available, brands are able to get the most out of each experience by shooting it once and sharing it everywhere.

If you’re interested in using 360 Video to supplement your brand’s marketing efforts, learn more about Subvrsive’s 360 Video Production services here.

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