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We are Subvrsive Media Studio

We partner with brands and agencies to create immersive ad experiences that captivate key audiences on the world’s most popular platforms.

From TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram to the web at large, we understand how consumers engage with XR across the board. And our in-house team of immersive experts makes it easy for brands to level up their existing media strategies with immersive ads that drive results.

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We work with the world’s most popular platforms

to create ad experiences for the world’s best brands.

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Brand Awareness Campaigns

Snapchat Lenses, TikTok Branded Effects, and Meta Spark Effects are unlike any other ad format available today. A far cry from traditional ads, AR ads are straight-up fun. Not only do users actively engage with them, they seek them out and share them with their friends. 

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AR for eCommerce

When size matters, shopping online can be tricky. With AR product visualizers, retailers can help shoppers see how products will look in their homes and on their bodies before they make a purchase decision, boosting confidence and reducing returns.

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On-Package Experiences

Product packaging is one of the most important—and often underutilized—spaces for fostering customer loyalty and sparking interest in a brand. By using AR to bring packaging to life, brands can put their boxes to work as a launching pad for interactive encounters that actively engage their audiences. 


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AR Experiences for Events

Scannable augmented reality experiences can level up traditional trade shows and events by giving audiences a brand encounter they won’t soon forget.

Proof Points

Immersive Works

Over half of Gen Z consumers would be more likely to pay attention to an ad that uses AR. 
Retail Dive

56% of shoppers said AR gives them more confidence about the quality of a product. 
Harvard Business Review

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher conversion rate. 
Harvard Business Review

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