New Year, New Logo


Today we’re excited to announce that we’re officially updating the Subvrsive logo, which you may have already noticed if you’re a friend of ours out there on the internet. 🙂 But in case you’re not, here’s a taste of our brand new look:

Although we have to admit that we LOVE the new mark, the reason for the refresh wasn’t all for the sake of style.

Our first logo was designed over three years ago; back when our industry (and the brands we worked with) were heavily focused on 360 Video and Virtual Reality. In our first couple of years, we created 360-degree ad spots for brands like Estée Lauder and Procter & Gamble, live VR experiences for Showtime Boxing, and even produced a 10-episode 360-degree documentary series alongside Google and Apple Music.

Long story short: we created a lot of VR.

And our first logo reflected that focus. The mark itself was a stylized “VR” and the word “Subvrsive” featured a backwards R, drawing attention to the way we playfully (mis)spell our name.

But as the industry we call home has grown and changed, our company has too. And we’re not the same VR shop we were three years ago.

Today, Subvrsive is an immersive studio that solves complex problems for clients in a plethora of bold ways leveraging all flavors of emerging tech. Sure, sometimes those solutions involve VR. But a lot of times, they don’t. And so we thought it was high time our logo evolved alongside our company to reflect that change.

Our new logo is one that we love. Rather than calling out the “VR” portion of our name, the new mark is a subtle nod to our “S”. It’s a bit bolder, it’s a bit cleaner, and we think it better represents the company we are today.

And, if you look closely enough, perhaps you’ll see it’s not such a departure from our past after all. It’s simply our trusty first logo, all grown up.

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